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My name is Jen and I'm a bookworm. Have been since I was three and my dad taught me to read. Books have always been a constant in my life though there have been periods where I've read considerably fewer books than I do now. My favorite genres are women's fiction, romance, UF/F, historicals, YA, comics, and regular 'ol general fiction. My books frequently threaten to takeover my house but that's okay because I wouldn't have it any other way. I live along the Mid-Atlantic coast with my super-supportive husband (who has his own obsessions), our three cats, and, of course, my books. Want to ask me a question or something? Contact me at myfavoritebookworm@gmail.com.

Who is Jane? Jane is one book-lovin' chick. She's also my friend and has agreed to join me on this here blog to add her thoughts and opinions on what she reads. We share many favorite authors but we each read some different things as well so she'll be able to bring in some diversity, just to keep things interesting.

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lynne @ CookandBeMerry said...

This cool drink looks really delicious. I'm saving this recipe for when Los Angeles warms up, hopefully this summer.

I also gave your blog an award, so please do stop by my blog to accept it. Thanks.