Saturday, September 6, 2008


I would just like to say that while I have enjoyed the first three books of George R.R. Martin's The Song of Ice and Fire series I am very glad that I am not eagerly awaiting the arrival of book number five. I have a copy of #4 and have not read it just so I wouldn't be waiting like others I know. Recently, had A Dance with Dragons (aka #5) listed as being readily (read: listed when you search for Martin's books) available on September 30, 2008. That listing has now disappeared from amazon and the only listing I can find now is on, claiming that it will be released on December 30, 2009. Holy cow! Haven't his fans waited long enough already? He certainly seems willing to publish other works in between #4 & 5. I would think giving #5 some extra attention (read: getting his ass in gear) would behoove him. At this point, I may just wait until #5 comes out in paperback. What's another year?

Wolf at the Door by Christine Warren

I really liked this book. The setup is great: introduce a world where humans in general don't know that there are other "species" living among them: vampires, weres, etc. There was also an irish guy that wasn't annoying! A nice, heady romance, a conspiracy that involves murder and the in/out question faced by anyone who has a secret. I've put the rest of this series on my mooch list and somebody better come forth with some soon. :)

Blood Drive & The Watcher by Jeanne C. Stein

This is a series that is improving with each new installment. I agree with my friend the Booknerd when she said the first one was boring with flat characters. Most definitely. Anna Strong, main character and vampire bounty hunter, is growing. She's trying to keep a grip on her humanity so she doesn't end up like Avery who kept his late human girlfriends in boxes in his attic. She needs her family, her friends (David) and her boyfriend Max, whom she is afraid to reveal herself to. She keeps putting off her "training" and tries to manage her life on her own. Difficult, no? Blood Drive deals with Anna's family and a possible long-lost niece from her dead brother. She meets Daniel Frey, a shape-shifter, and discovers a community of supernaturals in her town. The Watcher involves more supernaturals including a witch, a demon, more shape-shifters and obviously, more vampires. Max is kidnapped, her relationship with David is deteriorating due to his girlfriend's machinations, she is "relocated" my her sometimes mentor to get her out of the area after she has a wild night and a witch is trying to call up a demon to rid the world of people like Anna. The next book, Legacy, is out now and I will read it when I can get my hands on a copy without buying it brand new so I may have to wait awhile.

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown

Sandra Brown usually wraps a story around a romance - the romance is what's important, not the story. In Smoke Screen, she turns that theory around and the romance becomes a minor plot point IMHO. As far as the story goes, I thought that she came out of left field when the "crux" of the mystery was revealed. Obviously I'm trying not to reveal anything but when I read it I was baffled, not pleasantly surprised. This isn't a bad book by any stretch but it wasn't one of my favorites.

The Devil You Know by Jenna Black

If this first book in this series was a four-car pileup on the beltway then this one is more like a few fender-benders at once. That means that story aside, the graphic scenes in this one are much less disturbing. No gay s&m in this one, just straight sex. The scenarios that Morgan finds arousing continues to, well, not astound really, just surprise. I guess it's just my hetero sensibilities but that stuff doesn't do much for me. Anyway, Morgan's association with Adam and Dominic continues. Adam was much less annoying in this one; he and Morgan actually become something like friends. Or at least partners. One mystery solved too. I'm not sure if I actually like Morgan and her demon but this story is definitely keeping my attention. The next one isn't out until November and since I have plenty to keep my attention I won't suffer too much until it comes out.