Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dark of Night by Suzanne Brockmann

Oh, Suzanne. I do love your Navy SEALS. I also loved this book and it didn't even have Izzy in it. I still have giggle fits when I think about the Peckerfarts. Anyway, this one wraps up the Jimmy Nash saga and Decker finally gets a woman of his own. That was the best part because while I love these books, the Sophia-Dave-Decker triangle was getting tired. Everybody got their happily-ever-after (so to speak) and the best thing -  the next book is all about Sam and Alyssa! Also, for those who pay attention to this kind of thing, Mrs. Brockmann's streak of writing books that have the word "goatf**k" is still intact. Well, I haven't read A Troubleshooter's Christmas, but still. There is always one "goatf**k" in each book. Love it.

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