Friday, October 30, 2009

Ink Exchange and Fragile Eternity

I'm not sure I like where this series is going. I so enjoyed Wicked Lovely and the introduction of Aislinn. She seemed much older to me in that book, more adult and maybe a little more wise. Definitely more mature. Aislinn wasn't in Ink Exchange that much; she is turned into a part of the scenery in Leslie's world. Delving into the Dark Court was very interesting, seeing Irial's management style and the different types of players definitely helped describe life in Faerie. I felt bad for Leslie and even more so for Niall, who I love. I am so happy that he's a major player now :)

Fragile Eternity is a transitional story. Has a perfect title too. It returned the focus to Aislinn, Keenan, Donia, and in particular, Seth. Ash's honey is now also a major player and it is bound to cause lots of problems. Good. I intensely dislike Keenan - a master manipulator, Keenan couldn't care less who gets hurt or stepped on when it comes to getting what he wants, faery or mortal. He is definitely about to reap what he has sown. Introducing the High Court was important too as that's Seth's court now. War is imminent amongst the faeries and Aislinn has some key decisions to make. Does she still want Seth? Will she finally give Keenan the kick in the ass he so desperately needs? Will she grow up and fulfill her role as Summer Queen or is she going to wallow some more, tempted by Keenan but unsure about Seth? She really regressed in this book and I was so disappointed in her. But she is only a teenager (technically) without much experience beyond high school. Maybe this is the whole point of the story, Aislinn's progress in maturation and turning faery. A coming-of-age story maybe? All I really know is that the next one won't come out until April and I have six more months to wait :)

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