Sunday, August 9, 2009

Shifter anthology

Well obviously, this anthology has stories from four authors (see picture). I bought this so I could keep going with Alyssa Day's Atlantis series and the fourth story is in novella form here.

"Shifter's Lady" by Alyssa Day is about two characters that are introduced in the second and third stories. Ethan, the alpha of the Florida panthers, and Marie, some high priestess on Atlantis who is the sister of Bastien, one of the warriors. Marie finally gets to leave Atlantis for the first time in 300 some odd years and goes to visit folks in Florida. Romance and violence ensue. Grade: B

"Sea Crossing" by Virginia Kantra was the next one I read and was pleasantly surprised. I don't expect much from books like this; too-short plot lines by favored authors are teamed with novellas from authors I'm not familiar with makes for a crap shoot IMHO. Kantra's novella is (it seemed to me) a prequel to her first book, Sea Witch. Set in the 19th century and beginning in Liverpool, England, and ends on a mystery island that inhabits selkies. I liked Kantra's style and am looking forward to reading Sea Witch. Grade: B+

I read the other two novellas, "Mad Dog Love" and "A Jaguar's Kiss" (Knight and Leigh respectively), and while I didn't hate them, I didn't particularly like them either. Knight and Leigh seem to write books that are more erotica than paranormal romance. In fact, I recently tried to read Knight's Mercenaries, a volume of three short stories, and didn't make it through the first story. I also had the stereotypical porn soundtrack running in my head the whole time :) To be fair, she does warn you in the beginning that two of the stories had previously been published by Ellora's Cave and were not for the faint of heart. And both stories do express heartfelt emotions and are romances but they were both just too explicit for me. Grade: C+ for both

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