Sunday, February 28, 2010

Best Book of February

This month I'm going with Demon Moon by Meljean Brook. This is the second full-length book in her Guardians series and my favorite so far. Savitri Murray and Colin Ames-Beaumont are the focus in this one and boy are they interesting to watch.

Colin has been a favorite of mine throughout the series and one of the oldest characters too; he wasn't a main character in the intro short story "Falling for Anthony," printed in the anthology Hot Spell, but he was a main part of that plot since it was there that he was turned by a nosferatu in 19th century England and his sister is the one who does the "falling" for Anthony. Colin is shrewd, fantastically handsome, filthy stinking rich, friend to Lilith, and a useful tool for the Guardians. Savitri, on the other hand, is a young (20's) woman who is the honorary sister of Hugh Castleford, hero of Demon Angel (book one) and on again/off again Guardian. Savi's family, with the exception of her grandmother, was murdered while she was in her teens and then unofficially adopted by Hugh. Savi is Indian and a genius. It is totally true love for both her and Colin at first sight but it took a while for them to work out the kinks in their relationship.

Brook's books are always funny and romantic yet almost impossibly deep. Sometimes I get a little lost in the pathos but I always some out smiling (sometimes in tears) in the end. This month I read both Demon Moon and Demon Night. I gave them both the same grade but I liked this one a bit more. I expect to read Demon Bound and possibly Demon Forged in March. Demon Blood comes out in July. Here's the order in which to read this awesome series:

"Falling for Anthony" in Hot Spell
Demon Angel
"Paradise" in Wild Thing (Jane, I had read this one the first time around! I'm so dumb, LOL)
Demon Moon
Demon Night
"Thicker Than Blood" in First Blood
Demon Bound
Demon Forged
"Blind Spot" in Must Love Hellhounds
Demon Blood

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