Monday, March 1, 2010

State of the Month

As I am already catching up and have posted my end-of-the-month posts (anybody know if Hell has frozen over?) for February, I'm repeating this post from the end of January when I summarized my month in books. Yesterday, I bought a new laptop and am now not exactly tethered to our desktop to use the internet; I am going to install a network in our house this week when I get five minutes but for now when the connection is free, I'm hooking myself up on the couch. Much more comfy :)

Technically I have failed my challenge again since I didn't manage to read eight of the chosen books. *grumble* So this month I'm not prepicking my books but am just going to work with a quota of eight books. Eight books of my own and they have to be ones that I will give away at the end of March. I would pick a higher number than eight but I seem to be averaging between 25-30 books read each month. One third of that seems to be a good number to me (this does not mean it will absolutely equal eight). The rest will be books I own but will keep and the public library. I've got two Jennifer Echols books waiting for me there, along with book two in Jessica Andersen's series.

I read more short stories in February than I can remember reading for quite a while. I have collected quite the group of anthologies, most of them pararoms. The Eileen Wilks one was my least favorite and The Mammoth Book of Paranormal Romance, while having extra short stories, was more interesting than I expected. I really enjoyed "Newlydeads" since it was a Pete Caldecott and Jack Winter story. It was also printed before Street Magic so I'm thinking that if anyone read it in My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon without any prior knowledge of those particular characters, they may not have liked it as much.

Truly, Madly by Heather Webber was a free book from LibraryThing and I still need to review it. Having this laptop now will (hopefully) make reading ebooks more tolerable. I don't usually like them since I don't have a handheld reader and end up stuck at t he computer. I plan to read the Deborah Grace Staley story I have real soon too.

OK. I'll soon be doing my J. F. Lewis books reviews since I've finished Revamped. I'll try to remember to review the next book in my Lynn Viehl list and this month I will try to read fewer vampire novels than I did in Feb. Ciao.

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