Monday, September 13, 2010

The Plan

If you've been wondering what happened and why I haven't posted anything this past week, you're not alone. Clearly, my brain just hasn't been in the blogger zone lately; I have started three reviews for books I have recently read and all three have been, well, not good.

I do have standards you know. No, really.

There's not been much free time floating around either. Which doesn't help. I've been too busy picking out toilets and babysitting boogery nephews. Is it strange that I'm kinda hoping I catch his cold so I have some downtime? Never mind. I also went to a football game yesterday and didn't get home until 3am. As a result, my brain is still a little sluggish but here's my plan for the week:
  1. Crank out the reviews for Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler, In the Woods by Tana French, and Potent Pleasures by Eloisa James. Maybe others too.
  2. Stay virus-free. I really hate to be sick, even if it does give me a perfect excuse to lay about and read nonstop. 
  3. Buy said toilet. Who cares if Biscuit and Bone are two different colors? 


Jen D. said...

I know how you feel. Trust me when I say you do not want to get sick. I was fighting off a cold this weekend. =/ I haven't even had the energy to write back to your e-mail. Now it's time for a game of catch up. ;-) Hope you had a lot fun at the game!

Jen said...

I do believe that I have dodged this particular bullet. Whew! I hate to be sick too and I hope you're feeling better :)

We had a great time at the game and tailgated most of the afternoon which was so fun. The Redskins won too, which was the icing on the cake :) I'm glad, though, that I won't be going to another game for a while - I'm so worn out today and my throat is sore from yelling at the game. Like I told Jane, I sound like a chain smoker :)

Jen D. said...

Thanks. I'm gettin' there.

LOL! Better to get a chain smoker voice from yelling and having fun than from being sick. ;-) Glad to hear you had a great time! I gotta try the tailgating thing sometime.

Jen the bibliophile said...

LOL! What exactly are the difference between Biscuit and Bone?

Being sick sucks and I so don't get to read when I'm in that bowl of yuckiness. I get to take care of the kids whilst Hubby complains about my lack of energy and my want to do nothing but sit. Boo to men!

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