Thursday, November 18, 2010

My New Favorite Way to Read: Audiobooks!

And it's all Jane's fault.

She's been telling me for years about how she loves audiobooks. I considered the idea of listening to books - like I don't read enough of them while sitting on my couch - and thought OK, I'll give it a whirl.

So I borrowed Kat Richardson's Greywalker from my local library and listened to it with my CD player while rearranging my books one afternoon. I kept finding myself so wrapped up in the story that I would end up stopping what I was doing, holding almost still for several minutes, maybe up to ten at a time. Or, I would pay attention to what I was doing and lose track of the story. It was rather frustrating. I felt like one of those people who can't walk and chew gum at the same time. So I gave up on the audiobooks.

But then, a few months ago I was at the library and when I cruised past the audiobook section I spied with my little eye Dead Beat by Jim Butcher sitting on the shelf. See, I'm a fan of Butcher's but I'm also a huge fan of James Marsters'. Who didn't love Spike on BtVS? They're like a match made in heaven, James Marsters and Harry Dresden, and I'd been curious when I'd heard that he was narrating The Dresden Files. The rest, as they say, is history because now I can now walk and chew gum at the same time. (It is certainly possible that my listening device could have been to blame - listening with my iPod works best for me.) I've joined (I wish I had waited a bit longer before I joined so that I could have taken advantage of the TWO free books you get, instead of the single puny one I got.) I bring home more audiobooks than regular books each time I go to the library. I can't get anything done around my house anymore without listening to an audiobook of some sort. I don't like to drive without my iPod, which, okay, isn't any different than usual (I live near a beach and the radio drives me crazy), but I find myself disappointed if I have to listen to music in the car.

I don't think I could listen to just anything though. I'm still horrified that Laurell K. Hamilton's books are audiobooks; having read some of her Anita Blake books and several of the Merry Gentry ones, it would feel like I watching porn. Reading love scenes is one thing but listening to them is a whole other enchilada. My face is getting red just thinking about it. Anyway, I stay away from authors who are heavy on the sex scenes and yes, I am currently listening to a Nora Roberts book but her books are tastefully written and manage to avoid the ick factor.

I've added an item on the sidebar to show off what I'm listening to in addition to the traditional type book I'm reading at the moment. I'll be posting some audiobook reviews (that means you should do them too Jane!) from time-to-time as well. If you're like me (and Jane) and have trouble separating yourself from the book you're reading to do boring stuff like housework (ugh!), give audiobooks a try.

Have recommendations? I love would to hear them!


Jane said...

Go Jen! I knew you would end up loving them too!

I've been listening to audiobooks for 8 years now. Whether I'm cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, ironing, weeding or even mowing the lawn (have to use noise canceling head phones) I almost always have an audiobook going. And the best part? I tend to work out longer on my treadmill because I'm so caught up in the story! Burning calories and still being able to enjoy a book? Just plain awesome!

Kylie1403 said...

I love listening to Audio books when driving! Its so much fun and a great way to pass the time when music becomes too repeatability on the radio!

I may follow suit with Jane and try it when I work out!