Monday, January 17, 2011

Countdown to Shadowfever!

ARE YOU READY?! I know I am. I have reread the first four Fever books. I have read the first two chapters of Shadowfever; someone leaked them last week and to keep her readers from being too upset about a certain spoiler, KMM posted them herself on her website. Like a diabetic with a candy bar, I couldn't NOT, you know?

Here's my opinion: if KMM keeps you-know-who dead, I will not be a happy woman. I can't see it happening. There's just too much invested in this character and KMM will have some serious 'splaining to do.

Can you tell how hyped I am for this book? It feels like it's right up there with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It's going to rain here tomorrow and I'm still going to go out and get me a copy. If that doesn't say it all, I don't know what will.

Tomorrow, I'm turning off my phone. I'm locking the front door. I'm going incommunicado until I finish it!

Happy reading tomorrow!

Update: I would also like to add some links here to other book blogs who have been doing some awesome work with the reviews and discussions:


Jen D. said...

I finally have someone to talk to about the first two chapters!!!! After I read them I just sat here staring at my computer screen with my mouth hanging open. Those leaks better have been fake, or a dream or or or something other than what I read damn it. If this turns into Kisten part 2 I'm going to be seriously pissed.

Jen said...

Did you finish Dreamfever? Because if you didn't and then read the leaked chapters, well, I'm surprised you didn't have a heart attack :)

KMM can't kill him. SHE CAN'T. Not to mention that Mac didn't burn him and root around in his ashes AND she stuffed him full of unseelie. He's going to be mightily pissed when he wakes up!

I refuse to believe that she would do this to US - not after four books and an 18 month wait! Now do you see what I meant about falling off of a cliff? LOL

Jen D. said...

Of course I finished DF before taking a peek! It was because I fell off such a high cliff that I HAD TO know what the hell was going on.

Seriously! She just can't. I get that Mac has to hit rock bottom to believe in her own bad assness but, what the hell was all that. I'm going to be seriously upset if he doesn't come back. Like giveaway all my books type of upset. Hmph!

Jen said...

Don't worry, all is well.

Mac is WAY messed up but you-know-who is still on the scene. I know it'll still be a few days until you get your copy and I couldn't leave you hanging.

You can keep your books a little while longer :)

Jen D. said...

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't want to know but, THANK YOU for restoring my faith.

There was no way you-know-who couldn't be taken out like that. It would've been super unacceptable.

I'll leave you alone now. ;)