Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Review: Thomas Sniegoski short story in the Mean Streets anthology

Every now and then, when I'm not feeling like picking out a full-length book to work through, I pick up an anthology. This time I found myself reading Thomas E. Sniegoski's "Noah's Orphans," a visit to his Remy Chandler series in the anthology Mean Streets. I enjoyed it so much that this morning I spent the better part of an hour checking out Sniegoski and wondering how in the world I managed to miss his books.

Remy Chandler is an angel. Remiel, a Seraphim, has left Heaven; the wars up there left him disenfranchised with his brethren and so he ascended to Earth and now lives as Remy Chandler, a Boston PI who is now mourning the loss of his beloved wife to cancer. Remy and his dog, Marlowe, are approached by another angel, Sariel, who asks for Remy/Remiel's help in solving Noah's murder on an abandoned oil rig. Remy tries to resist but Sariel decides that he's not taking No for an answer and so Remy gets involved, discovering something that shocks him.

Sniegoski has so far written three Remy Chandler books: A Kiss Before the Apocalypse, Dancing on the Head of a Pin, and Where Angels Fear to Tread. "Noah's Orphans" was a nice glimpse into Remy's life and we get to meet some of his friends, angelic or otherwise. I liked Francis in particular. The story was interesting and made me curious to see what else Remy has been up to. He's different than any other descended angel I've seen in quite a while and comes off as being quite human. And I loved his dog.

Looking at B&N.com this morning I found that A Kiss Before the Apocalypse is on clearance for $1.99 so get on over there and discover a new author today.

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