Saturday, October 9, 2010

NYCC 2010

One day down and two to go! More pictures will be forthcoming, I promise. We have had an awesome (but exhausting) day and not long ago, I downed a glass of Harp Lager on an empty stomach...I think it's past my bedtime. Here's some more pictures though:

(This is the literary section part of the main floor.)

(Part of the Penguin Group display.)

(Here's my copy of Acheron which the lovely Sherrilyn Kenyon signed for me today. Woot!)

And last but not least:

(We really need to bring home a bobblehead of Dr. Mrs. the Monarch so The Monarch doesn't get lonely while he stares. Look Jen, he's shaking his fist at me!)


Jane said...

Great pics... darn, I wish I was there with you. Love the bobblehead!

Jen said...

Jane, I so wish you were here with me too! Good news - I've finally figured out what setting on my camera works best in these panel rooms. I swear someone put a jinx on them and made them impervious to photographers or maybe just me :)

We got a bobblehead of Dr. Mrs. the Monarch today. They are quite the pair :)

Jen D. said...

LOL! I can't believe I missed that. Right back at you Monarch. *shakes fist*

Jen said...

I missed it too until he was sitting on the desk, out of his box. Also, when you put Dr. Mrs. the Monarch next to him and bop their heads, he nods but she shakes her head :) Check out the little video I did on the husband's blog:

Jen D. said...

That video is hysterical!