Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Three Days and Counting

There's just three days left until NYCC! I can hardly believe it's this weekend when for so long it seemed so far away. I've got a stack of books all ready to be signed, so many in fact that I'm going to feel like a bag lady while I haul them to the Javits Center. I am optimistically planning to post pics during the con but since that's not likely to happen, I will promise that I'll post them after I get home. I'll also be meeting up with Jen from Not Now...I'm Reading! while I'm there. Book blogger meetup! NYC here I come!

I haven't been productive lately, that much is obvious. I have been dealing with an illness to one of my immediate family members while at the same time stricken by a heinous case of writer's block. The state I live in has just put into action a law that prohibits drivers from using cell phones while driving unless they are using hands-free devices and as a result, I have decided that bluetooth devices were created by Satan. So, as of late it has felt as if the universe has been conspiring against me. I'm still reading when I can, however, as books are my refuge and I'm holding fast to that.

Stay tuned!

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Jen D. said...

Yay!! I'm super excited about going to my first con AND our little blogger meetup. Dim Sum, er, I mean NYC here we come! LOL!

I feel you on the unproductivity. (I don't even know if that's a word). I really need to do something about it. Time to come up with a game plan.