Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bloody Good by Georgia Evans

I know nothing about this writer. This may the first book she's ever published and I know "Georgia Evans" is a pseudonym but I liked Bloody Good. The first in a trilogy set in WWII England, it's about a small village doctor and her family, neighbors and friends in their attempts to protect England from Nazi Germany via vampires. Yep, the Nazis have finally flipped their lids and decided to send vamps to the UK to sabotage England so that Germany can take over. It might have worked had the vamps not been so inept and ill-prepared. Fairies, pixies, dragons, witches and shapeshifters (i.e. weres of more than one persuasion) manage to save the day this time around. Book two, Bloody Awful, and book 3, Bloody Right, continue the story only with different points-of-view. The main characters in this one, Alice Doyle, the village doctor, and Peter Watson, a conscientious objector who is sent to be Alice's physician's assistant, are enjoyable and end up in a sweet romance together. Here's to hoping that book two isn't bloody awful :)

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