Monday, June 29, 2009

Slave to Sensation, Visions of Heat by Nalini Singh

I have no words. There's nothing that I could write that would properly convey how good these two books are. They are an outstanding beginning to a series that is about to have its sixth book published. My biggest problem is that I want to know how I had never heard of Nalini Singh before I bought Angel's Blood? I'm fairly new to the blogosphere but I'm certainly no newbie to bookstores. So, in my effort to spread the word...Anybody reading this post who loves paranormal romances (or just good books), read these books!


Juliet said...

The Psy-Changeling books are awesome, aren't they? Besides the single titles, there are a couple of related novellas in anthologies: An Enchanted Season and Magical Christmas Cat.
Other authors with great paranormal series you may like MelJean Brook and her "Demon" series (The Guardians) and Alyssa Day and her "Atlantis" (Warriors of Poseidon) series.

J said...

I love Meljean Brook's books and I have most of them. I'm waiting to get a copy of Demon Night so I can reread it. Yes, reread because like a dummy I read it months ago and gave it away. Now that I have the rest I want to read them in order. I also have the first two Alyssa Day books but haven't read them. You have awesome taste in books Juliet! Thanks for leaving me a comment :)