Monday, June 29, 2009

City of Dust by Steve Niles

What's not to love about Steve Niles's work? He's disturbing, funny, raw, etc. I had left the husband a note to make sure he orders this TPB and then I forgot all about it :) It arrived today and I quickly devoured it in one sitting.

Phillip Khrome is a cop in a world where religion and fiction is against the law. His own father is in prison for telling his son a fairy tale. Phillip should know, he put him there. Anyway, strange murders are happening in his city and to solve them he has to look at that which is against the law. Cryptic, I know, but this book isn't very long and telling much more would give it all away. I liked this graphic novel but would have enjoyed it even more if it had been in regular-type novel format. I felt that the ending came too quickly in the story without it being fleshed out enough. But what can I expect for a five issue miniseries. I want more, Steve Niles! Please :)

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