Friday, March 26, 2010

An Ode to Karen Marie Moning...No, I'm Not Going to Sing

As someone who has just plowed her way through three of this woman's Highlander books, I can honestly say that Karen Marie Moning gives the good stuff. I have no idea how I managed to overlook the seven books that create some backstory for her Fever series. I LOVE the Fever series! I had read The Dark Highlander, Dageus's story, and The Immortal Highlander, Adam Black's story, a while back so I was familiar with the fellas in this series (do men like this actually exist?) but I must have gotten sidetracked or something. Funny, I don't remember getting hit in the head with a brick...

Rather telling, isn't it?

I'm totally (sort of) getting these books out of order too. Here's the series order:


Beyond the Highland Mist (1)
To Tame a Highland Warrior (2)
The Highlander’s Touch (3)
Kiss of the Highlander (4)
The Dark Highlander (5)
The Immortal Highlander (6)
Spell of the Highlander (7)

First, I read The Dark Highlander. Then The Immortal Highlander. Then Spell of the Highlander. Then Beyond the Highland Mist. The only one I have left that I currently own is The Highlander's Touch; books two and four are on their way. Having loved Adam's book I was surprised at him in Beyond the Highland Mist - he really owns the mischievous, malicious Fae thing and was not at all like the way he was in Immortal. I was kinda disappointed in him :) Cian's book was the most emotional for me though. Being stuck inside a mirror for over a thousand years only to expect to die within a month? Talk about your emotional roller coaster.

I have been attempting to wait patiently for Shadowfever - not until December 28! - and am failing miserably since KMM likes to end her books in those hated cliff-hangers. Is Jericho Barrons going to realize that he can't live without MacKayla Lane in the end? God, I hope so. I also hope she continues to write more Highlander books after the Fever is over. There's got to be plenty of other Keltar men stashed around somewhere, right?

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