Sunday, August 1, 2010

Our Most Anticipated Books of August

The first of August is here, readers, and that means that it’s time for Jane and I to be picking the books that we are most looking forward to this month. There are so many great books coming out in August I can hardly believe it and here is what caught our attention the most...

Jen’s picks:

There are actually five books I want BAD this month but don’t worry because I will get them. Oh yes I will. But the one I want the most, have been truly wanting, and will most definitely actually read this month is Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

Could there possibly be anyone on this planet who has read The Hunger Games and Catching Fire who is not positively quivering because there is less than thirty days before this book is published? I may go back and read the two just for a refresher because it has been a while since I read them but I know what I’m dying to find the answers to here. This is the end to this wholly captivating trilogy about a society that, as punishment for seeking liberty, sends their young to fight for their lives and is forced to view it as entertainment. I can’t wait to see Katniss kick some ass :) Mockingjay comes out on the 24th.

Jane’s picks:

I’m right there with you Jen! There are a handful of books that are coming out this month that I NEED (lol) to get my hands on too. I’m not usually a fan of anthologies because the stories are just too short for any real story and character development (imho). However...I’m really looking forward to Burning Up. (Jen says Me too! Me too!) Anything written by Nalini Singh is an auto-buy for me. I love both her Psy-Changeling and Guild Hunter series. To sweeten the deal, this book includes stories by Meljean Brook, Virgina Kantra and Angela Knight. The best part is that it’s going to be released on Tuesday....sweet :)

Here’s the scoop on each story:

Nalini Singh returns to the world of her Psy-Changeling series as a woman in lethal danger who finds an unlikely protector and lover. Virginia Kantra continues the haunting tales of the Children of the Sea in her story of a wounded soldier rescued by an enigmatic young woman. Meljean Brook launches a bold new steampunk series about a woman who strikes a provocative and terrifying bargain for freedom. Angela Knight pairs a vampire warrior and his seductive captor in battle against demonic predator.

We would love to hear what you are looking forward to reading this month.


Jen D. said...

Jen: Sooo...I may get stoned for saying this but, I haven't read The Hunger Games or Catching Fire yet. They've been sitting on my bookshelf glaring at me. *bows head in shame and dodges stones*

BTW - Saw Inception on Saturday night. AH MAZE ING!! Everyone in the audience was literally holding their breath until the movie ended. Me and the BF are still talking about it. Aaand just ordered Catch of the Day from PaperBackSwap. It's going ready? LOL!

Jane: If you end up picking up a copy of Burning Up will you post a review? I'd be interested to read your thoughts. =)

Jen said...

Gasp! I'm not throwing any stones around here but you should get to it already!!! The Hunger Games grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go until the end and it seemed like forever until I got Catching Fire, even if it was only the next day :)

Inception totally rocks :) The first time, everyone went "AWWWWW!!!" when the movie ended without seeing if the top fell or not. I'm so glad you liked it!

I am so ready Jen! Bring it! LOL

Congrats too on winning all those books from Rebecca at DSB - did you get anything good?

Jen D. said...

LOL! Yes ma'am! As soon as I'm done reading Night Myst I'll read HG and CF. And then I'll pre-order Mockingjay so I'm not stoned to death in the streets. =D

Everyone in our theater did too! I need to see it a second time. There was so much stuff thrown at me that I couldn't process all of it in one sitting. I loved Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this movie.

Thanks! It's a pretty sweet prize pack. I get to pick 12 books from a list of ARCs and review copies she has.