Friday, August 15, 2008

Heart of Stone by C.E. Murphy

I liked this one. So much so that I was looking for a cheap copy of the next one online since my library doesn't have it. Margrit Knight is a lawyer who works for Legal Aid and is living in New York. She's black or mixed race and becomes well known in NYC after she wins a big case involving a woman in prison for the homicide of her abusive husband. Margrit discovers the existence of other races living in her world and becomes close with a gargoyle, of all things. Murder ensues. I enjoyed the idea of gargoyles flying around NYC; this is the first book I've read (I think) where gargoyles play a major part in the plot. There was one in Kim Harrison's last book but he was practically part of the scenery. Races in this book and their boundaries in society are very integral to Margrit's character. Too much so for my taste. I'm interested in what will happen with Margrit and Alban (the gargoyle) but I don't think I'll get that invested in their characters since their story will only last for three books total. The third one comes out next month.

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