Sunday, August 24, 2008

Safe Harbor by Christine Feehan

Having read only the first book in this series, Magic in the Wind, this was the book I was looking forward to reading the most. Seeing how antagonistic Jonas and Hannah were to each other made me think that their book would be especially feisty. Not so much. I obviously forgot about Hannah's anxieties that make her a bit of a mess. And Jonas, well, he seemed to be descended directly from a caveman. The way he bullies and demands of Hannah got a bit old and it didn't really mesh for me that they took this long to finally admit their feelings to one another. I anticipated this to be cut more from the pages of an installment of one of Nora Roberts's trilogies. I haven't decided whether or not to pursue the other books in this series; Feehan's Game series is much more interesting. And I've only read the first one in her Dark series but I'm leaning toward regretting purchasing the first three books of it. So, this wasn't a bad read, not hard to follow since I didn't have a lot of the backstory that was made in between this one and the first but I'm not so excited about the following installments.

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