Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best Book of June 2010

Another month gone by and another no-brainer decision in this contest.

Surprise! In case you couldn't tell by the review I wrote, I adored this book. I have since lent it to Jane so that she may experience it too. I'm sure that Jane understands that if she doesn't return it to me she shall have a whole lot of angry show up on her porch. I'm also sure that wouldn't do, having a crazy woman ranting about her candy book and where the hell is it?!? LOL

Just kidding. Not. No, really.

Anyway, I finally got my hands on The Girl Who Chased the Moon today. I guess God heard my prayers but it's more likely that He just wanted to shut me up :) Garden Spells is on its merry way to me and soon I will have read all that Sarah Addison Allen has to offer. Life is good.

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Jane said...

I only managed to read 7 books in June. My favorite was Magic Bleeds by Ilona Andrews. Jen recommended this series to me (thanks Jen!) and I loved it. If you like urban fantasy you are sure to enjoy the Kate Daniels series. The character development is wonderful!