Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Kind of Reader Are You? (part 3)

Bookmarks. That's what we're talking about today.

How do you save your place? Do you simply remember the page number you were on when you were so rudely interrupted from the literary treat you were devouring or are you like me and need something to mark the page? Never say that you just fold down the corner dog-eared style! What are you, an animal? I get angry when I see dog-eared pages in a hardback book. Why would someone do that?

How specific a mark do you need? I've known some people who have their bookmarks sticking out perpendicular to the spine so that they can pick up where they left off at the exact line they were reading.

Are you one to use any piece of paper lying around like a receipt or bill? Post-it? Postcard? Canceled check? Ticket stub? A finger? Or do you just lay your book open and upside down? In my case, all of the above. When I'm reading a hardback book I tend to use the front or back flap from the book jacket. I liked to use the card from the pocket in the back when it was a library book but almost nobody uses them anymore.

In this day and age with eReaders everywhere that remember your page for you, are bookmarks going to become obsolete? I hope not. I like browsing the racks of them while I'm standing in line at the bookstore. Here's my newest one:

Sounds like a good motto to me. I've been having a difficult time keeping this one away from our newest kitty. She just loves that pretty pink tassel.

As I've mentioned before and if you've noticed the BookMooch and PaperbackSwap widgets on my sidebar, I trade books online. I just love it when I receive a book from some thoughtful person who has added a bookmark to the envelope. BookMooch members tend to send BookMooch bookmarks *smacks forehead*:

Some people send handmade ones like the one I got from Barb in PA that she made while scrapbooking. It's purple (yay!) and has an inset of hydrangea flowers on it, also purple (yay!). Others are made from embroidery thread and look like the bracelets I used to make in grade school. I also get the occasional book thong and I like them but don't use them all that much. There's something almost naughty about them, isn't there?

I do love a nice bookmark. I don't really collect them but if I get one, I keep it. I was recently going through my box of personal mementos (greeting cards, pictures, etc) and found the one I always used as a child. It's one from the Suzy's Zoo collection but they don't make that particular one anymore. The tassel is missing but that can be fixed with some red yarn.

Check out these sites for bookmarks...

Now you know my official position on bookmarks. I hope this helps everyone sleep tonight :) So, what kind of reader are you and how do you save your place?


Erotic Horizon said...

I read using my ereader and paperback in equal amounts...

Ereader during the day and a book to curl up with at night mostly...

I LOVE LOVE bookmarks - and I agree with all your points on dogearing books. I am terribly annoyed when I see people turning the corners of books...

I have used all the things you mention including my glasses if the sleep-bunnies call me and I am too lazy to put away the book..

I do keep a stack of them in my pencil holder and have them sticking out of cookbooks, scrapbooking pages and even the odd stack of papers that I am using for work..


Jen D. said...

I am a bookmark junkie. Before I had my bookmark obsession I'd use just about anything to hold my page. I have a stash all around the house in case I start a new book and need to put it down. Paperchase makes really cute ones. And they sell them in packs of two.

I too HATE dog-eared pages. I've threatened my family and friends over mistreating the books I've lent them. Sure they give me crazy looks but, my books come back the way I sent them so I'll tolerate the crazy eyes. ;)

Thanks for the links!

Jane said...

I LOVE bookmarks! I keep them in strategic places throughout the house so I always have one handy. If I see someone dog-earring a page I have to bite my tongue so that I don't say anything nasty to them. After all it is their book. Love your new bookmark Jen :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really bad about buying bookmarks then losing them. Usually I end up with a scrap piece of paper to mark my place. A receipt works well. But, even though I loose them all the time, I still can't resist buying them at the bookstore. They're like bling for your book!