Wednesday, June 30, 2010

What Kind of Reader Are You? (part 4)

This week's topic: I want to know where you read.

Do you have a favorite place to settle in for a good book or can you read anywhere, in any setting? Do you have a certain chair or spot on the couch? Do you prefer to read in bed? A hammock or comfy chair outside? I have always fantasized about laying on something like this and reading:
OK, so I need to work on my fantasies but it's so pretty and elegant and practically screams "Lay on me!" Then I figured that I'd have to keep from constantly sliding down until I'm horizontal so I chucked that idea. When I was a teenager I was in love with the papasan chairs from Pier 1. Remember them? I liked the idea of curling up in one of these with a good book.
They make ones that rock now. I still look at them wistfully when I'm at Pier 1 but I've never bought one. The space in my house is at a premium and in a contest between books and some silly chair like this, books will win. Always.

Can you imagine trying to sit and read on this? It looks kinda cool and I love that it's purple but how would you be able to relax without tipping over?

I can read just about anywhere. In the car, at my brother's house amongst screaming children et cetera but with the exception of the bookstore or the library. I don't know why but I always feel self-conscious there. You'd think that I'd be most comfortable among my people but no. Maybe it's the lack of noise. I'm most often found reading on my living room couch. You can tell which seats I spend the most time in because they are the flattest :) I dream of one day having a house with an actual library with bookshelves built into the walls, comfy overstuffed chairs, and a fireplace to keep me toasty warm. A girl can hope, right?

I can read within minutes of getting up in the morning. Some people need a while for their synapses to warm up but not me. I'm good to go from the start. I can read all day or until I'm cross-eyed. Not kidding. My husband knows when I've read too much just by looking at me. I think of myself as a "chain reader." I will start a new book as soon as I finish the previous one (don't worry - I don't light them on fire). 

I am unable to read in the tub. I have tried but I can't relax enough to enjoy a book because I'm worried about dropping it in the water. That would be very upsetting. (Can you tell I'm a total control freak? LOL) I have been known to stand at the stove while making dinner with my nose in a book that I just couldn't put down long enough to cook. I don't recommend this - it's the culinary equivalent of driving a car while texting. Not smart.

Some sneaky bookworms may feel the need to read under the covers with a flashlight or the Itty-Bitty Book Light. I definitely did that as a kid when my bedtime was way too early for a night owl like me.

You can just imagine all the possibilities. So please leave a comment and share just what kind of reader you are.


Jane said...

My favorite place to read at home is my sunroom and at the cabin? My deck! There's nothing better than sipping on a mocha, or ice tea or an occasional glass of wine while reading and watching the activities on the lake.

Jen D. said...

I like reading outside too. Unfortunately, we're having a pretty bad mosquito season so I've been forced to stay inside and read either on my couch or in bed. The car's a no go for me. After about 30 minutes I start to get car sick.