Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm still here

Where did this weekend go? Yard work, laundry issues, and North and South ate up much of my Easter weekend. I have only worked my way to page 70 in Angelology btw. This is a dense book (451 pages total) with 10, maybe 8 pt text, so I can't rip my way through like usual. I'm taking notes with this one; I want to make sure I don't forget anything by the time I reach the end.

I watched North and South today - the BBC production not the Civil War miniseries - while I did the mountain of ironing I had accumulated (my ironing lasted through N&S and about half of A Room With a View). You gotta love the BBC. They make some the best tv EVER. I've written about the wonder that is Lost in Austen and beauteousness of Elliot Cowan but hold on ladies! Richard Armitage. I watched all four or so hours of this movie and when it was done I wanted to get on a train. I also have ordered it from amazon - I watched it today via Netflix through my Wii. Not the best picture for a HDTV but it was good enough :) I just wish it was out on Blu-ray. And I've had Cranford for months, sitting under the tv and while it's not like N&S, I definitely need to make an appointment so I can park myself on the couch with Cranford.

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