Friday, April 9, 2010

Miss Me, Maybe?

So Many Books, So Little Time is going to be on hiatus until May 1st.

For the first time in YEARS, it looks as if my Read in April (or any month) list will be in the single digits. This month, I simply do not have time to read and I'll have even less to write about books. I am in my ninth day with Angelology and I am trying to read it but I'm not getting to read much until bedtime and even though I'm enjoying it, I'm too tired lately to get through that many pages and it is frustrating me.

I also am having difficulty with the writing part. I can't think of interesting topics to talk about and I'm super jealous of other bloggers who are kicking ass on their blogs.

So, I'm taking a break and will be back (hopefully) in a better frame I'll be around a little so don't expect me to disappear but I just won't be writing. See y'all May 1st!

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Walking Deadman said...

I miss you (can't get the picture to post).