Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good Stuff Coming Out This Month

This is a new feature I've been thinking about starting recently. I already have a page dedicated to release dates but I thought I might pick a few coming out each month that I want so badly I'm dreaming about them. I'm putting all these behind a jump since there's some spoilery things that some people might not want to see.

It seems like everybody is totally hot for this one :) We (hopefully) get to find out the answers to questions that each reader had after finishing Lover Avenged: What's going to happen between John Matthew, Xhex, and Lash? What about Quinn and Blay? How is Wrath dealing with being blind? Does John Matthew's relationship with Tohr start to heal or does it get worse? Does Jim Heron (from Covet) appear? What's the new hangout, now that Zero Sum is kaput? Folks, I'm not sure why I'm still reading J. R. Ward's books. I definitely did not like Lover Enshrined, did not like that Vishous's mate ended up being a ghost, and do not care for all the ghettospeak. I did love Lover Eternal, Lover Awakened, and Lover Avenged. And the humor. The humor is just awesomesauce. Lover Mine comes out on the 27th.

 What a gorgeous cover! I can't get enough of these two fab series and when I found out that they were putting together two short stories from the Lord of the Underworld series and one from the Amazon series that were sold as ebooks I got super happy. In general, when I see a new Gena Showalter on the shelf I buy it and get a warm fuzzy feeling. Into the Dark also comes out on the 27th.

I wrote reviews about the first three in this series last year so I won't repeat myself (too much) by drooling on them again. Melissa Marr has created an unbelievably awesome world in these YA books. It's finally April and my wait is almost over or will be, when my local library decides to add it to their catalog. If they don't, I'm not sure what will happen. Radiant Shadows comes out on the 20th.

So that's it for now. Three books that I should add to this list have been released into the wild already - Changes, Demonkeepers, and The Reckoning. April is going to be a beautiful month for books.

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