Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lynn Viehl wrap-up, part 2

We're still going with the Darkyn reviews after the jump.

Jayr is proud to be the only female ever permitted to serve as seneschal to a Darkyn lord. But in her centuries of service to Master Byrne, she has fallen in love with him. Now, Byrne plans to step down and hand over the Jardin to another Kyn lord-a move that threatens not only Jayr's position, but her very life...

This is my favorite Darkyn book to date. I'm pretty sure it's because Jayr is a woman and the only female seneschal (generally men). Plus, she just kicks ass and she's not a knockout. She's seneschal (majordomo) to Byrne, suzerain (governor) of Atlanta, who is also the man she loves. Byrne is, of course, unaware of her feelings even as he's falling for her too.

Byrne is retiring and decides to hold a contest to see who will follow him. Everyone in the land shows up, including someone well known - Robin Hood. Will Scarlet too. There's a lot going on in this book, much too much to write about. There are obviously some elements of the ridiculous in this book, with some that were just bothersome. This one mostly takes place in a castle. In GEORGIA. Think Medieval Times meets DisneyWorld but on a smaller scale (I'm pretty sure they didn't have any rollercoasters). And I didn't care much for Robin of Locksley (Really? Robin Hood's been running around all these years?) or his games; I've been having difficulty in making myself read Stay the Night, book seven. I have downloaded the short story Viehl listed on amazon about Will Scarlet though. Paid for it too.

I keep losing track here...Jayr and Byrne are my favorite couple, maybe even over Michael and Alex (still don't like Michael). Alex is able to help Jayr with some personal problems and they form a close friendly relationship. Alex's brother John is on the fringes of this one too. You can be sure that the Brethren are in this one, stirring up the pot whenever they can. Evermore is book five, which leads us to book six...Twilight Fall.

Immortal Darkyn Lord Valentin Jaus and landscape artist Liling Harper are two lost souls. Brought together by fate, bound together by passion, Valentin and Liling find solace in each other's arms. But the ties that bind them are deeper—and more dangerous—than either of them can possibly imagine...

I was so disappointed in this book! Watching Valentin Jaus fall hard for Jema Shaw in Private Demon, I was so looking forward to seeing him have his happy ending. He may have found it with Liling, the gardener who works at the private nursing home that he visits, but I didn't enjoy the ride. It turns out that Liling was another one of the babies on which the Brethren experimented; she's presently running for her life from an assassin who is controlled by the Brethren (surprise, surprise). Alex's brother John is also still fighting with his problems with the Church and he has some, um, issues at the end of this one. Now that I've revisited these books, I may pick up Stay the Night sooner rather than later.

Up next: Shadowlight, book one of the Kyndred

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