Tuesday, May 11, 2010

NYCC, Janet Evanovich, Supernatural, and Bones

Ach, my life has been so crazy lately. I'm thinking I should take the "why should life get in the way of reading?" line off of my header lest I be accused of false advertising or some such :)

We're going to the NYCC this year. I couldn't remember if I had mentioned that before or not. It's getting so frustrating for me that the con's PTB are doing a sucky job of posting info of what to expect there this year. I'm just glad it's in October this time - we went in 2007 and froze our giblets in February. Just imagine: standing outside the Javits Center on a mid-Feb morning, catching that arctic wind that always whips through cities, especially by the river. Then you finally get inside and start sweating pints of water out of your body because you're dressed for cold. 


Well, I know that Sherrilyn Kenyon will be there but I just discovered who I should be getting crazy excited about...Jim Butcher! I know there will be no way that I'll get within a 100 yards of the man which is what it was like when we saw Stephen King there three years ago. I have a much better camera this time so there will be pictures this time. Or else.

Janet Evanovich's sixteenth Stephanie Plum book, Sizzling Sixteen, will be out soon and I haven't decided what to do about it. My grandmother died last year and she loved Janet Evanovich. We used to switch back and forth, taking turns buying that year's book. I bought last year's but still haven't read it. It may even be that there's two years of Stephanie sitting on my shelves, waiting to be read but I don't have any desire to do so. I can't imagine that there are that many years left of Stephanie Plum coming to bookstores everywhere each summer. The books my grandmother shared with me are coming to an end. Robert Parker died a few months ago and with him went Spenser and Hawk. Stephanie and Morelli won't be far behind I know. Should I keep the tradition as long as I can or let it go?

I don't watch that much television anymore. Used to be I was always recording something when I worked nights because I didn't dare miss an episode of Buffy or Angel (more on him later). Other stuff too but mainly those two. Now, there are only a small handful of shows that I watch while they air new episodes, like The Big Bang Theory and Supernatural. Project Runway and Modern Family too. My favorite is Supernatural, hands down. What's better than staring at Jensen Ackles for a whole hour? My sister-in-law prefers Jared Padalecki but I'll probably always think of him as Dean from Stars Hollow. Supernatural has been especially fascinating this season, dealing with angels and demons, Heaven and Hell. This week is the season finale and I'll miss the Winchester boys all summer long. Reruns just aren't the same.

Oh, Angel. I loved that show. Obviously, my favorite part was David Boreanaz. He was always great to watch and I could watch him read the phone book if that was all I was going to get. Now, I don't think I'll be able to watch Buffy, Angel, or even Bones anymore. We all know that celebrities have their own lives beyond what we see when they're doing their jobs but now a man that was definitely fantasy material is now a huge disappointment to me. How am I supposed to watch him be Seeley Booth, defender of the law, protector of the people, and future possible boyfriend/husband of Temperance without remembering all the scandal I've read about lately? *gag* I haven't checked out the ratings recently but I'll bet Bones has lost a big chunk of its female audience. Temperance should have run off with Eddie McClintock when she had the chance.

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