Sunday, May 2, 2010

Review: Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

She's wickedly funny and passionately romantic, and now Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a new contemporary romance, called Lady Be Good. This is the tale of Lady Emma Wells-Finch, who has been as prim and proper as British headmistresses come, and Kenny Traveler, a modern-day cowboy who plays sports rather than riding the range. They run headlong into each other -- Lady Emma's out to get wild, and Kenny has to straighten up -- and together they make sparks.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips’s books always seem to feature a male sports athlete in the midst of some professional crisis and a woman with an emotional one. It's a tried and true formula that works even if it's pretty predictable but that's okay since SEP infuses her books with good humor, lots of chemistry, and crazy yet entertaining families. Lady Be Good was particularly enjoyable for me as I didn’t want to reach into the book and smack anyone; the last book of hers I read, Heaven, Texas, made me want to knock some sense into the leading man on a regular basis. I liked both “Kinny” (that is the Southern pronunciation of Kenny) and Emma in equal measure and it was fun to witness him testing her naivete and even more fun when she had her revenge on him. Some parts were pretty ridiculous but I always laugh out loud with SEP's books; I do love those authors that consistently make me laugh with their humor and cry with their drama. Lady Be Good is a typical SEP romance and I recommend it to any of her fans.

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