Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday, March 19 2009

So the Husband was home for the two past days and since he works his fingers to the bone to keep me in books, I try not to hog the 'puter too much. Not much to talk about anyway...Finished Sinful yesterday and while it was one of the better ones, not near as good as Slightly Dangerous was. It has only been about two months since I read it the first time (I had to look that up) but it still holds up. Or maybe it's just that I read so much that my retention stinks. I plan to talk more about this series pretty soon just as I want to with J.R. Ward's Brotherhood and Lara Adrian's Breed. 

After dinner tonight I started Kathy Love's I Only Have Fangs For You. I had to buy this one from since it's next to impossible to catch on either of my book trading websites. I don't like buying brand new trade paperbacks since I read so fast (why do they publish popular fiction/urban fantasy/paranormal romance in that format when they could sell loads more in mass media paperback format instead) . I definitely don't get my money's worth, even if the story's great, and unless I'm going to keep it forever. Fangs is the third volume in the Young brothers series and this one is about Sebastian. He's different than I thought and is falling way faster than I expected. Good. May be the best one yet. 

I just want to acknowledge here that I do realize that I have a book problem. Out of the realm of possible problems, it's not a bad one to have, I guess. I don't watch much tv anymore, for starters. However, the things that I need to do - cleaning my house, working in the yard, etc. - definitely get put on the back burner. I get more excited about a new book coming out than just about anything. Is that weird? Probably :)

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