Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wednesday, 25 March 2009

If there was ever proof that children are not part of my destiny, it's how tired I am after babysitting my 3-year-old nephew. And he's one of the good ones! Being sweet, relatively even-tempered (he is three) and cute as a bug's ear makes him a "good one" but he's three. Two days in a row of being Auntie and now my duty for the week is fulfilled. Now I'll spend the rest of the week and the weekend stewing over how many days I have to read until I'm at bat again. I'm such a whiner :)

In the Bleak Midwinter was soooooooo good! If the library had a copy of the next one ready and I didn't have to request it, wasting a day in between, I would have been there after I dropped The Boy off. They also have a copy of City of Glass waiting for me. I can wait until tomorrow, I can wait until tomorrow, etc. My husband was laughing at me the other night at my happy dance when I got the #1 slot in the wait list for City of Glass. 'Tis okay though, I was laughing too. Anyway, yes, Midwinter was awesome. I wouldn't have expected a book about a female priest to be so engaging but I was wrong. I'll be bringing home as many of them as I can tomorrow. 

I'm listening to Theory of a Deadman on my 'puter as I write this. They have become one of my favorite bands as of late; they have so many different sounds/songs - naughty ones, ballads, country sounds, funny ones. I'm so psyched that they're coming to my hometown in May. They aren't the headliner and the other bands they're coming with aren't as much a draw to me as TOAD (Three Doors Down, Hinder and some group called Black Stone Cherry) but we'll manage. Seether and Papa Roach came a few months back with Staind. Seether was who I wanted to see and Papa Roach really impressed me but we left during Staind. My ears rang for two days afterward so I'd probably be getting fitted for my hearing aid if we'd stayed the whole time. Our local venue is a civic center and it's not super big and they were so very loud. Reminder: take earplugs!

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