Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday, 4 March 2009

What a week. The procedure I mentioned on Wednesday is over. It was a test, I should tell you, not really a "procedure." I was freaked out about it, as I had every right to be, but it looks as if everything is going to be fine. No cancer for me, yay :) Just about every woman (at least in this country, I guess) will most likely have to endure it at some time in their lives and mine was Wednesday. I'm deliberately being vague about this because I think it's stupid to share intimate information on the internet since you don't really know who is going to be reading it but I think you can probably read between the lines here anyway.

As I said, this experience has been rough for me and I learned something because of it. It is this: I should not write about books when I'm not altogether me. On Wednesday, I was completely out-of-sorts and wrote about The Vampire Shrink. I didn't like it; everything I wrote was something I thought or felt while I read it. I have certainly read goofier vampire novels than this one but I really ripped it and earned a comment from the author, Lynda Hilburn herself. Holy cow. I think of and write on this blog as if it's my personal book diary and I forget that it is on the internet and anyone can see it and so this morning, as I logged on to list the books I have read these past few days and noticed that I had a comment (proof that other human beings are reading this blog), and that comment turned out to be from the author of a book that I ridiculed, well, I almost sprayed coffee all over the monitor. If I had been Ms. Hilburn and saw what some unimportant nobody (in the book world) wrote about a book that she is most likely proud of, I probably wouldn't have been as classy as she was. So, in the spirit of graciousness and tact, Thank you Ms. Hilburn for wishing me luck after I made fun of your work. You taught me a valuable lesson about standing behind your work and kindness. I won't take back what I said but I will give it a second chance.

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