Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's Called The Reading Meme, The Catch-up Post

In the interest of being lazy and all, I'll be catching up on my reading meme in one post. And I'm not going to put all that much effort into it either. I just wanted to get that out and upfront.

Where was I...oh yeah...

Day Eleven – A book that disappointed you

The first book that first comes to mind is In the Woods by Tana French. I reviewed this one a few months ago (go HERE to see). There was a lot of buzz about Tana French since her newest one, Faithful Place, had just come out, and critics and reviewers were raving about it so I figured I'd check her out from the beginning. Sigh. It is difficult to get through a book with a male protagonist who is a putz. The reader is also teased mercilessly about this unknown horror that our hero witnessed as a child but do we get any resolution? NO! I did like the female lead and she is the focus of French's second book, The Likeness, so I may pick up in the future but In the Woods was not a good way to start a relationship.

Day Twelve – A book you’ve read more than twice

There are a few books that I know I have read more than twice but I didn't want to use them here. Then, while I was at my local library and perusing the book sale shelf (shut up), I saw it: 

Now, I don't like this cover and I couldn't find the cover of the copy I had way back in the day.  Also, this day's topic could probably cover all of Judy Blume's books (except maybe for Forever even though I know I have read it) as I was a megafan. My third grade teacher read the Superfudge books to us in class but I had already read them all. Reading Deenie, Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, and Blubber was a highlight of my teens but Tiger Eyes was always the best. A story about a teenage girl whose father has been shot dead by robbers in his convenience store and her family's subsequent exodus to New Mexico always grabbed me and never let go. I read online somewhere recently that they're making a movie based on it and I'm not sure how that makes me feel. The cast looks pretty good (check out it's IMBD page) but I'm always leery when I hear that Hollywood is using one of my beloveds to make a movie. Judy Blume's son is the director so it might be okay after all.

Day Thirteen – Favorite childhood book

Good Lord, they're mining my childhood to death for this meme! So, the book I'm picking for this day is important. Duh. I gained the whole bookworm moniker when I was a kid. I was outside on a summer day, hanging with the neighborhood kids and friends. Being me and the sort who hates to sweat and be bothered by bugs, I announced that I was going inside. I can't remember what we were all discussing/arguing about but I must have insinuated that I would rather be reading a book than socializing. "Bookworm!" they called me, to which I replied, "Nuh-uh!" I promptly went inside, laid down on my bed and started reading a book.

I'm 90% sure the book I picked up was Matilda by Roald Dahl. (The other 10% thinks it was The Witches, also by Roald Dahl. Both are fantastic.) Who of us who read Mr. Dahl's books didn't absolutely love Matilda? A story about a little girl whose parents didn't care if she went to school so learned how to read on her own and read the whole public library? Heaven! It was certainly my favorite of his; James and the Giant Peach was made into a big deal at my school instead. Years later, while I was in college, my best friend screwed up a bit and wanted to apologize so what did she do? She gave me this:

Only, you know, not a DVD. It was the nineties after all!

Day Fourteen – Favorite male character

This one was super easy. Ready? Spenser. That's right, Spenser from Robert B. Parker's novels. A smartass detective/man-who-can-get-things-done who lives in Boston, Spenser is awesome. He's even more awesome when he works with Hawk. He is the original; Robert Crais' and Lee Child's heroes are awesome too but there will only be one Spenser. If you like books and have never read a Robert B. Parker book then shame! Shame on you for you are missing some beautiful fiction. I was so sad when Parker died last year but his death was perfect for him: he died while sitting at his desk, writing. A massive heart attack robbed the world of this man's future books and his original character, Spenser. Most people have heard of the 1980's tv show Spenser for Hire; guess what it was based on? I discovered Spenser for myself right after I got married, about six years ago, and proceeded to devour every book he wrote, of which there are many. Go HERE to see his page on Fantastic Fiction so you can see them in order. One of my most treasured books is a signed copy of Edenville Owls. My all-time favorite things about Spenser is...we never get to hear his first name. Ever.

So, that's it for today. *sigh* I hope to share more tomorrow.

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