Monday, December 6, 2010

Reading Meme, Day Six

Day Six – Your favorite writer

Jennifer Crusie. There is no doubt.

Bet Me was one of the frontrunners in the competition for My Favorite Book Ever post from yesterday. I love Bet Me and it's my favorite comfort read. Agnes and the Hitman, Anyone But You, ManhuntingWhat the Lady Wants, and Crazy For You are all fantastic reads too. Her books are an automatic buy for me unless I can manage to score ARCs of them.

Jenny Crusie does not write romance. She writes chick lit. Romance is an aspect to be sure but not the focus. Her women usually undergo some kind of epiphany about their lives and then manage to Forrest Gump their way to a happy ever after. They meet wonderful men who are completely mystified by them but in the end can't help but fall in love with them. There's always conflict - like the bet in Bet Me or the ghosts in Maybe This Time - but what would a good book be without conflict? There is always humor, that trademark Crusie humor that I love so much.

She's not perfect. With the exception of Agnes, I find that her collaborations tend to be her weakest efforts but are not completely without value.

I bought her last solo paperback a little while ago but *sigh* haven't read it yet.

According to and, her first book in her Liz Danger series, Lavender Blue, will hit the stores in June 1, 2011. There are four parts mentioned on Crusie's website with the second, Rest in Pink, to come out in July.

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