Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Reading Meme, Day Fifteen

Day Fifteen – Favorite female character

It's got to be Stephanie Plum. This jersey girl is a hoot! In every book in Janet Evanovich's By the Numbers series, Stephanie gets into enough trouble for ten convicts. She blows up cars (it would be more accurate to say that other people blow up her car, repeatedly), chases down people who skip out on their court dates, takes her grandma to the funeral home, and has two men who want her. She is commitment-phobic, keeps her gun in her cookie jar like Rockford, and lives on Tastykakes. If you like books that make you smile, I dare you to read One for the Money and not want more. Any woman who is willing to drive a POS car with the word "pussy" spray-painted on the side has got to be a good time.

I will not be watching the movie.

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